What distinguishes you from other professional French to English translators?

Because I understand the structural and stylistic underpinning of successful screenplays, I’m aware how every linguistic choice and nuance impacts the whole work. And this understanding informs all my translations - commercial and legal documents as well.

How quickly can you get it back to me?

Standard turnaround for translated screenplays is 7 to 10 days, depending on the length — and includes a full edit and proof by a senior colleague. Tighter deadlines can always be accommodated.

As a professional French to English translator, what are your rates?

Like all professional translators, my rates are per word, with discounts for larger projects. Audiovisual projects include a separate proof by an independent colleague, with new clients receiving the first two pages FREE of charge and with no further commitment necessary. If hired, I will deduct those pages from the rest of your project.

What if I just need it to be translated into plain English?

Every translation I create is unique, so I can tailor your translation to your specific needs. And you will always have a review period to make any changes, with no extra cost.

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