Audiovisual and Literary Translation:

Every good script is meticulously developed before completion. My approach is similar when translating your work, to ensure all aspects—story, themes, style, nuance—make the leap, and includes an independent proof and edit by a senior colleague for accuracy.

In addition, I am now an experienced translator of fiction and non-fiction. With those works, my approach is similar, though the ultimate aim is to vividly render the emotions, actions, and life beneath and between the words into the final translation.

All my translations are unconditionally guaranteed: the completed document will sound like it was originally written in U.S. English. This includes a negotiable review/revision period, during which time you can make any changes you deem necessary (including revisions to the original).

Financial/Commercial and Legal Translation:

Having worked in both multilateral and investment banks, and specialized in legal and commercial translation in my translation certificate from NYU SCPS, I have a thorough expertise in translating legal and commercial documents and their unique language. And through my writing skills, I bring significant added-value to all of my work.

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